Week 2.5

So a couple weeks ago I jumped into the blog thing thinking that I might get some followers that would help me in my 25 year quest to be the best damned teacher I could be.  To that end, I have no followers and I can’t even find the time to blog!  I suppose that I can take this insight (read reality) one of two ways.  The the first is that I am a terrible blogger…uninteresting, unknown and well, just not very experienced or good.  The other is that I’m a good enough teacher that I don’t really have time to blog with my time spent grading papers, searching for new and useful websites, planning classes and doing other teacher-related stuff.  I think that I am going with the latter. It makes me seem so much better.  Hell, after a full day of teaching stoichiomarty and doing labs I really need a pick-me-up.  Hope tomorrow is as successful.  Until Blog 5.0…


About danthescienceman

Educator and coach for 32 years. I love to run. I love the river and I love traveling to other countries as a visitor rather than a tourist. My vocation is service to young people. I do this through my teaching, coaching, mentoring and modeling how to truly live the life I have created. Mantra: Gifts are best honored when they are shared in the service of others.
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