It’s Time We Hold Accountability Accountable

Originally posted on Teachers Going Gradeless:
The maxim “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” (often misattributed to Peter Drucker) sums up the continued belief in the necessity and power of accountability. A lack of accountability is seen as a sure path to lawlessness, indolence, and corruption. We don’t trust people who are…

Post Weinstein America

In a post-Weinstein America, it is amazing the speed at which prominent and powerful men are falling to accusations of abuse, harassment and other misogynistic behaviors.  But, it is not only the men that will fall. This recent story about Andrea Ramsey actually caused me to pause and remember a situation that occurred to meContinue reading “Post Weinstein America”

Test Anxiety in the Age of Gradelessness

As we move closer to semester finals, I find myself doubting my ability to assess each student fairly based on a semester final.  Our school mandates a semester final and after having dived into the world of Gradelessness I find myself getting more and more anxious; more and more unsure that what I am doingContinue reading “Test Anxiety in the Age of Gradelessness”