Thought for the Day: Preparing for Lent

Thought for the Day: Happy Fat Tuesday! Fat Tuesday is a day of excess as we prepare for the sacrifices we offer during Lent. It’s always, at least in my life, been an opportunity to splurge, feast, blow off moderation…you name it, as we prepare for the sacrifices of Lent. This year, I am again challenging my students to the challenge below. I’m going for it too. Here is to sacrifice and service.

Challenge: Give up one thing or behavior and in its place offer service that benefits someone you wouldn’t otherwise serve. It’s going to take some thought, preparation, and perseverance.  It won’t be easy. Then again, sacrifice and change rarely is.

But for today…Laissez les bons temps roule! (Let the good times roll!)

Published by danthescienceman

Educator and coach for 32 years. I love to run. I love the river and I love traveling to other countries as a visitor rather than a tourist. My vocation is to serve young people. I do this through my teaching, coaching, mentoring and modeling how to truly live the life I have created. Mantra: Gifts are best honored when they are shared in the service of others.

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