Lent: Spiritual Housekeeping

Thought for the Day: Today begins a period of reflection that ends 40 days from now in the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection. Whether you take that event as literal or figurative/symbolic, the Lenten time is an important opportunity for each of us.  If, we choose to partake.  Lent offers the opportunity to reflect on our life, as we are living it today.  Are there things that we can improve?  Are there things we want to change?  Is there a need for us to reach out and ask for or offer forgiveness?  I invite you to use the next forty days as an opportunity to be come a better version of yourself. Let’s just call it spiritual housekeeping.

You don’t have to be a religious person to do this “housekeeping”. It does offer the opportunity to join with others, who may or not be believers in Christ. The idea is to reflect and practice introspection. It’s kind of nice to have some accountability partners. Let’s do this.

Published by danthescienceman

Educator and coach for 32 years. I love to run. I love the river and I love traveling to other countries as a visitor rather than a tourist. My vocation is to serve young people. I do this through my teaching, coaching, mentoring and modeling how to truly live the life I have created. Mantra: Gifts are best honored when they are shared in the service of others.

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