Perspective in the time of distress

Thought for the Day: Fear can be a troublesome thing. On one hand it helps us to monitor and maneuver through a world of danger.  On the other hand, it can be debilitating, keeping us from reaching our potential.  When this happens, fear is generally coming from a place with some basis in reality andContinue reading “Perspective in the time of distress”

Thought for the Day: Sometimes you need to chillax

Thought for the Day: Did you hear the one about the science teacher? He gave his students a one question quiz and 100% failed! What did he ask? What is H2O4? Can you answer it? Yesterday the school was given a half-day school day. It had only been announced the day before. Was it theContinue reading “Thought for the Day: Sometimes you need to chillax”

Lent: Spiritual Housekeeping

Thought for the Day: Today begins a period of reflection that ends 40 days from now in the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection. Whether you take that event as literal or figurative/symbolic, the Lenten time is an important opportunity for each of us.  If, we choose to partake.  Lent offers the opportunity to reflect on ourContinue reading “Lent: Spiritual Housekeeping”

Thought for the Day: Preparing for Lent

Thought for the Day: Happy Fat Tuesday! Fat Tuesday is a day of excess as we prepare for the sacrifices we offer during Lent. It’s always, at least in my life, been an opportunity to splurge, feast, blow off moderation…you name it, as we prepare for the sacrifices of Lent. This year, I am againContinue reading “Thought for the Day: Preparing for Lent”

Thought for the Day: Service to Others

Today I received my quarterly college magazine. In our house we receive several since my two adult children attended different universities and my mother-in-law is living with us, so we get her alumni magazine as well. I really enjoy reading the articles and updates telling me what is going on in the world of academia.Continue reading “Thought for the Day: Service to Others”

Thought for the Day: Cats and Being in the Moment

Thought for the Day: Meditative music, a cat’s purring, a beating heart, the pounding surf, a water fountain or a light breeze…each of these things seems to soothe us in times of stress. These things involve patterns that when repeated allow us to settle our breathing and heart rate. Each of these phenomena also drawsContinue reading “Thought for the Day: Cats and Being in the Moment”

Impulsivity vs. Procrastination: Finding balance

Thought for the Day: While occasional impulsivity can be invigorating, acting without first considering the consequences may lead to difficulties that can be life changing. And not necessarily for the better! Conversely, a life of thinking without acting can lead to isolation and frustration. It’s tough to find the balance. I do know this…I haveContinue reading “Impulsivity vs. Procrastination: Finding balance”

Thought for the Day: Planting the Seed

Thought for the Day: Students tend to believe that it is teachers who are impacting lives. In truth, each of us can plant seeds of hope for the future many times every day. Let’s not focus simply on the rewards of each day, but rather how often we can sow the seeds that become positivesContinue reading “Thought for the Day: Planting the Seed”

Thought for the Day: What does love really look like?

Thought for the Day: Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate ‘love’. Companies spend lots of time and money to make sure we feel insecure if we don’t spend the money to show our love to that special someone. Unfortunately, the love celebrated on Valentine’s Day is often immature and superficial. We need only look atContinue reading “Thought for the Day: What does love really look like?”

Thought for the Day: Faith and Growth

Thought for the Day: Today a friend and I were again talking about this idea of faith. In the past he challenged me to see faith as the idea that ideals never die. He also argued that faith can not be in institutions or people because each of those is fallible. As such, it’s importantContinue reading “Thought for the Day: Faith and Growth”