Americans: a steep,learning curve when dealing with the rest of the world

We Americans need a cause.  We don’t ask to be this way, but we really can’t help ourselves.  As a people with so little history and in our own opinions so few real problems, we tend to focus outside the US to address this need.  We know that we are a self-absorbed people, but we don’t know how to cure ourselves of this affliction.  So, when the opportunity arises we jump at the opportunity to ‘help’. We need to do something. It’s honorable, it’s well-meaning but it is certainly not meant to be the great white saviors coming to the rescue. Americans need to be educated to how the world works.  We are so used to saving the world that when we find a cause we jump at it.  So, please don’t judge us too harshly. As a culture who has always believed ourselves to be the center of the world, it’s a bit overwhelming to learn that there are others out there trying to make sense of there own politics and plight. We are good people trying to make sense of the new world that we can now see 24/7/365. Help us to learn that there are other ways to do things.

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Week 2.5

So a couple weeks ago I jumped into the blog thing thinking that I might get some followers that would help me in my 25 year quest to be the best damned teacher I could be.  To that end, I have no followers and I can’t even find the time to blog!  I suppose that I can take this insight (read reality) one of two ways.  The the first is that I am a terrible blogger…uninteresting, unknown and well, just not very experienced or good.  The other is that I’m a good enough teacher that I don’t really have time to blog with my time spent grading papers, searching for new and useful websites, planning classes and doing other teacher-related stuff.  I think that I am going with the latter. It makes me seem so much better.  Hell, after a full day of teaching stoichiomarty and doing labs I really need a pick-me-up.  Hope tomorrow is as successful.  Until Blog 5.0…

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Getting started in a vast new world

I am getting started in what I view as a new, exciting and somewhat scary new world.  I believe that all the things I will be doing in the next 6-12 months will completely change the way I have been teaching for the past 25 years.  Starting new is always tough, but when it affects the 125 students with whom I have been entrusted…wow!  So, today is the first of many posts that I hope to log. 


Till next time: Be well, live well, learn to live and live to learn.

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Hello world!

Okay new world…here I come. 

Almighty God, we pray for a day when we can see the people around us as your creation, infinitely loved by you. Mend our eyes to see our neighbors in this way, so that we may more fully live out your commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves. Amen. (Sojourner’s Daily Prayer)

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